11 Bridal Shower Games that are Actually Fun

Bridal Shower Fun

Bridal showers are all about celebrating this wonderful moment in someone’s life when two people come together forever. Celebration, that’s the key word here, it needs to be fun and exciting and that is where bridal shower games come in!

Bridal shower games can often be feel forced and often have the opposite effect they were meant to. It doesn’t have to be this way.

There are tons of great bridal shower games that are actually fun! We’ve brought together the ones we think are going to make your bridal shower rock!

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1. Musical Matchmaking

Let’s start off simple. You may have even done this with a group of friends and not realised it could become a party game.

Each guest brings their favorite song to the party and each song’s intro is played in turn. Guests need to guess what the song is and who’s favorite song it is.

Chances are you’re all of similar age and grew up with the same music so this is always going to go down well as you uncover some forgotten gems and find out something you might not have known about someone!

2. Truth or Lie

Another ‘get to know more about someone’ game, this time about the star of the show: The Bride!

Each guest comes prepared with two true stories of their time with the bride and one false story. The game is for the other guests to guess which one is false.

It’s a great way to talk about great memories together in a game format so that it’s not just one person (or the inevitable cliques) that try and hog all the memory lane moments!

3. Cocktail Competition

Now we’re talking! This game is a great ice breaker if there are people who have never met before (alcohol is a great leveller!)

Bridal Shower Cocktail Game

Split into teams and get the teams to create an original cocktail which the bride will taste test at the end.

Prizes for best cocktail and cocktail that managed to make the bride gag! (bridal showers don’t always have to be cute!)

4. Pass The Bouquet

Right, let’s add in a little bit of competition! Remember playing pass the parcel as a kid? Well this is the same game but with something all the girls will be keen to take home.

Play some music (make it funky, something that will get people in the mood!) and when it stops, the person holding the bouquet is out.

The last guest standing takes the bouquet home!

5. He said, She said

This game is so simple, but always generates laughs!

The bride and groom need to do a bit of prep by coming up with traits about each other and let the guests guess which one relates to bride or groom.

You could help generate some funny/romantic/entertaining/awkward topics by getting all the guests to send in ideas in advance (there’s always someone who’ll get right down to the blunt topics!)

6. Toilet Roll Wedding Dresses

It might be easy to turn a nose up at this game, but once you get stuck into it you find it’s really good fun!

Split into teams and each team picks one person as the model. They then get three rolls of toilet paper and have to design a wedding dress.

Finish with a fashion show (arrange chairs to create a runway and take pictures on your phones with the flash on to mimic paparazzi!)

7. Oven Mitts and Pantyhose

Now we’re getting particularly classy! This is where the real laughs come out.

You can play this as individuals or in teams again. The aim of the game is to get pantyhose on while wearing over mitts!

Needless to say, this gets hilarious quickly!

8. Words of Wisdom

This one could be a tear-jerker, but you’ve got to have some of those moments at a bridal shower, right?

The guests are primed in advance of the bridal shower by asking for a pearl of wisdom for the bride to take into her marriage.

Bridal Shower Gift Games

When each guest hands over their gift they stand up and offer up their words of wisdom to the bride.

Actually, this could go both ways. Silly or Sentimental!

9. Dressing for the Honeymoon

This is a great game if you want to make the bride look silly! Make sure you’re ready to film it for bribery purposes.

You need a blindfold, suitcase and a selection of mismatched clothing that will look completely ridiculous on the bride. Make sure they are all fairly simple to put on with a blindfold!

The bride will be against the clock trying to get dressed for her honeymoon in all the weird clothing you have selected.

It makes for great photos afterwards (shhh, we wont mention the video until wedding day!)

10. Not to Burst your Bubble(Gum)

A hilarious game that is all about making the bride look silly again (well, why not!?)

You need to get some questions answered by the groom for this game. Make them a good mix of easy and tricky questions as the bride needs to get some wrong for it to be any fun!

The basics are that you ask the bride all the questions and she will get a small treat for right answers, but any that are wrong she has to put a bubblegum in her mouth.

Obviously as she gets more in her mouth it may be too hard to hear the answers so she may get even more wrong (wink, wink, nudge, nudge!)

11. Junk in the Trunk

Oh, this is all just getting better and better. This game is going to unearth the hidden twerkers among the group.

You need two empty tissue boxes, two belts and some ping pong balls.

Two people will play this game at once. Cut two slits in the back of the tissue box so that you can thread the belt through. Fit the belt around the player’s waist with the box at the back. Fill the tissue box with ping pong balls and then watch the players try to shake those balls out fastest!

It’s funny how quickly your guests will go from embarrassed to competitive!

So you’ve got plenty of great ideas here for your bridal shower games. We accept no responsibility for any lame bridal shower parties because these games are top notch!

Just remember some key rules with any bridal shower games.

  1. Don’t push people to do things that will ruin the party for them.
  2. Get everyone involved!

Have a great bridal shower and enjoy the planning!