27 Spooktacular Halloween Party Ideas For Adults

27 Spooktacular Halloween Party Ideas for Adults

If you are anything like us then Halloween is a big deal and we love to plan every detail for the best Halloween party, whether it’s for adults or kids.

It can become quite expensive creating the right Halloween party atmosphere so sometimes it’s a good idea to have some awesome Halloween party ideas that you can create yourself.

Here we’ve brought together some of the best Halloween party ideas for adults we’ve seen all in one place for you.

We’ve also thrown in some bought elements as not everyone will have the time to make their own. Having said that, a lot of these ideas are really quite simple and quick to make.

Party Planning Basics

27 Spooktacular Halloween Party Ideas For Adults
We want to make this whole process easy for you and an awesome experience for your guests. With that in mind, we need to know what elements a great party is made up of.

  • Themed Invitations
  • Delicious and Themed Food (including Cake and drinks!)
  • Themed Decorations
  • Entertainment and Themed Games (yes, even for adults!)
  • Themed Party Favors

That’s a lot of theming going on, but just keep in mind:

You can never go over the top with the theme at a Halloween party!

Look back at your list, that is actually all you need to think about. Make all those things Halloween themed and you’ve covered all the bases.

Without further ado, let’s look at all these Halloween themed elements!

Halloween Party Invites

Set the scene right from the first moment your guests find out about your party with a great Halloween party invite.

Getting this part spot on does two things:

  1. Let’s everyone know what, where, when and who this party is about
  2. Makes sure as many people as possible want to come to your party (nobody wants an under-attended party!)

So, ignore the importance of your invites at your peril!

Bloody Good Halloween Invites

Let’s keep it super simple to start off with.

These stunningly visual, but easy to make bloody Halloween party invites from Design Sponge will make a really great impression.

You can make them with paper, as in the image, or do them on cards. All they need to finish them off is a bit of red glitter blood!

Bag of Bones Halloween Invites

We love an interactive party invite, it just makes it that bit more memorable.

If the invite is memorable then what will the party be like… That’s the thought you want your potential guests to be having!

These cute bag of bones Halloween invites by Mr Printables are the perfect way to catch their attention.

Bewitching Soiree Halloween Invites

For something a little more elegant, these ‘Bewitching Soiree’ invites from Serendipity Creative are suitably spooky and original.

They’re easy to make (just print) and the site also has matching bottle and cupcake labels if you need them.

Creature Survival Kit Halloween Invites

I know we talked about saving money on your Halloween party, but we saw these and couldn’t not show you!

If you have the time and money to spend on an elaborate invite then these creature survival kits from Brooklyn Limestone are incredible!

Just remember that your party has to live up to the invite!

Halloween Party Food

The party food is not only essential to keep the spirits up (apologies for the pun!) all night but is a great way to add some more Halloween theme into your decor.

It’s a party so don’t worry too much about whether it’s healthy or not. You can try and re-purpose some ideas with healthier foods if you really want to though.

Black as the Night Lemonade

It’s just a small touch, but this black lemonade recipe from Instructables adds another element of unusual-ness to the party. Your guests may well never have had a black lemonade before.

It is also a useful ingredient for one of the alcoholic drinks later!

Jalapeno Popper Mummies

Trust me on this, these jalapeno popper mummies by The Hopeless Housewife are incredible! 

They will definitely be the first of your food treats to disappear, although there are still some amazing things to come…

Really easy to make too.

Poisoned Candy Apples

Much like the black lemonade earlier, it’s against your better instincts to be eating something black or deep dark blue!

These poisoned candy apples by Wannabite not only look gorgeous, especially with the long natural twigs as skewers, but also look delicious!

Mummy Puff Pastry Pizza Pies

Another mummified food, and another one that will fly off the plate once word gets around.

These mummy puff pastry pizza pies from Eats Amazing (great name!) are equal parts cute and tasty looking!

You can come up with your own favorite pizza ingredients to fill them with if you wish.

Deviled Eye and Black Worms

This recipe for deviled eyes from Mom Dot is a bit more involved but the result is stunning!

The black worms are simply black bean spaghetti, but you could get away without this if you can’t get a hold of any.

It will certainly be the talking point of your Halloween party food spread!

Monster Eyes Cupcakes

These googly eyed monster cupcakes by Life with the Crust Cut Off could easily have been in the kids Halloween party post but we thought even adults need a bit of cute monster cupcake in their lives.

If they are too colorful for your Halloween party scheme then use black food coloring for the frosting, or perhaps a dark green (green and black mixed).

Either way, they’re pretty cool!

Halloween Themed Alcoholic Drinks

We haven’t forgotten about you thirsty people!

This is our favorite part of the party planning process as the drinks, of course, need to be road tested first!

Witches Brew Halloween Shooter

This drink looks like it should be used to fuel a camping stove!

‘Witches Brew’ by Sprinkles and Sprouts looks the part and is perfect as a shooter or can be adapted for a longer drink.

It is essentially a raspberry flavored shooter so don’t let the appearance put you off!

Black As Your Soul Rum Cocktail

We love the theater that Simply Made Recipes have created around the making of this cocktail, which they encourage you to get your guests to do.

The resulting drink is a gorgeously deep black which is perfect for your Halloween party atmosphere.

Walker Blood Sangria Shooter

A Halloween party would not be complete without drinking some blood.

Or is that just me?

Ok, so it’s just a ‘Walker Blood’ sangria shooter from Well Chopped, but we’re creating a spooky scene here folks!

Poisoned Apple Smoking Cocktail

This ‘Poisoned Apple’ cocktail by Minted is fairly standard to start with, but the addition of dry ice to create a smoke pouring from the drink really transforms it.

We’d recommend having some dry ice to hand for a variety of reasons at your Halloween party, but this is one perfect use for it.

Just remember never to touch dry ice with bare skin and make sure your guests know to let the dry ice melt in the drink before drinking it.

Halloween Party Decorations

This is where you set your scene, your party could live or die by the effort you put into your Halloween decorations.

OK, so it’s not that dramatic but you do need to make the atmosphere right so we’ve got some great ideas to show you that will hopefully make the task easy and, dare I say, fun!

Raven Inspired Porch Decorations

Make a perfect first impression when your guests arrive with this creepy raven inspired porch by Create Craft Love.

These ravens and foraged branches are quite a subtle, elegant Halloween decoration rather than anything too in-your-face.

Not that we have a problem with in-your-face decorations! Check out our more kid-friendly Halloween post!

Spider Nests Halloween Decoration

This may scare the crap out of any guests with arachnophobia, but what the hell, eh? It’s Halloween!

These awesome DIY spider nests from Eerie Zone are a great way to add a little creepy-ness to your Halloween decorations in a few corners of the house.

You can make them really cheaply too, which is really going to help your budget after all those drinks your just made!

Packing Tape Ghost Decoration

This seems like a really fun way to make Halloween decorations!

These packing tape ghosts from Crazy Green Thumbs can be used in combination with either glow in the dark paint or fairy lights to create a really eerie floating form in a dark corner of the house where no-one will expect it.

It could also go just outside one of your windows so guests will have to think twice about whether they just saw a ghost or a decoration!

Little Shop of Horrors Plant (Audrey II)

Our favorite Halloween decoration by far, this Little Shop of Horrors plant by Eden Makers Blog will be the talking point of your whole Halloween party!

Granted, there is a bit of work involved in making it but surprisingly less work than I first thought, given the result!

I guess the limiting factor is whether you have space to store it in a garage after Halloween… unless you just want it in your garden year-round!?

Halloween Village Table Centerpiece

With this amazing Halloween village creation by The 36th Avenue you can be as simple or as elaborate as you like.

Because you can largely use dollar store materials it really wont break your budget and will be a great focal pointo ot the party.

The fake spiders webbing they use would be a great purchase for using in other parts of the house and is a really cheap purchase.

Halloween Bandana Pumpkins

We love the originality of these gorgeous bandana pumpkins by Sadie Season Goods. You don’t have to use bandanas, you could just use any unwanted clothing that you think would be suitable.

They can be used for many years once made so you wouldn’t need to keep buying all those fresh pumpkins!

Or if you’re feeling generous, they could become a party favor!?

Ghost Face Picture Frames

Do you see a face in that picture frame? Me? No, it’s just a picture of a snowstorm.

These ghost face picture frames from Jessica Begum on eHow are really unique and mildly disturbing. Perfect!

They also look really good fun to make (which may well be the most important thing!)

Halloween Party Games

Yes, even adults need some entertainment at parties. If you think you can just create amazing food and decor and then leave your guests to it then you’d be wrong!

Party games will help break the ice between people who don’t already know each other as well as make the party more memorable and have your guests talking about it for years (or until next year’s party!)

Name That Monster

In advance of the party create some monster cards. You can be as creative or simple as you like. Perhaps use these name tags from Lemon Leaf and write the monster’s name on them.

Or get really creative and have a picture of the monster with their name.

As your guests arrive they can have a monster card placed on their backs with a safety pin and their task is to find out what monster they are during the course of the party.

Dead Weight

A deceptively simple game from Play Party Plan involving weighted balloons.

The player must keep three balloons up in the air for as long as possible.

Should be played nearer the end of the evening when coordination is at a low!

Winking Murder

This simpler version of a murder mystery from Not Quite Nigella (again, brilliant name guys!) involves giving one of your guests the role of murderer and their job is to ‘murder’ all the other guests throughout the course of the party by just winking at them.

All the guests know that they must die in as elaborate a way as possible once winked at.

The murderer has succeeded if they get through all the guests without detection. There could also be an award for best death!


This game involves buying an actual game (sigh) but it is a really good one and a worthwhile investment!

There is one werewolf and the rest of the guests are villagers. A villager gets killed by the werewolf and everyone has to figure out who the werewolf is.

Great fun, trust me!

Halloween Party Favors

It’s time to get rid of those pesky guests (kidding, Halloween parties should go on forever in my opinion!)

Adults don’t generally expect party favors, certainly not in the same way as children’s parties are deemed utter failures if any compulsory element is omitted! However, we’re all about making these parties memorable occasions and that’s partly down to the little details.

That being said, we’re only going to give you a couple of good examples as you may or may not want to provide these.

Doggy Bag/Cupcake Box Party Favors

A great, easy way to give your guests a leaving gift is to create some awesome Halloween themed favor bags and then put any leftover treats in them.

If your guests are like mine usually are and you’re pretty sure there won’t be any leftovers, then have some set aside for this purpose.

These gorgeous favor bags from ChicnScratch are perfect for the job.

Ghost Lollipop Favors

Lollipops aren’t just for kids. These stylish ghost lollipops by Press Print Party will down surprisingly well with your adult guests as they leave.

They’re cute, east to make, cheap and who doesn’t love a lollipop!?

There you have it. Halloween party all wrapped up for you. Just plug and play!

Well, there’s a bit of work to do, but we hope you’ve got lots of inspiration and ideas to make your Halloween party for adults go down a storm this year!

We’re off to dust off our Halloween costumes now… Who am I kidding, we’ll be making new ones of course!

Don’t forget to follow us on Pinterest for more awesome party ideas!