How to Plan the Spookiest Kids Halloween Party

How to Plan the Spookiest Kids Halloween Party

It’s almost as big as Christmas and it seems to become more of a big deal every year. Halloween is a great opportunity for the whole family to get dressed up and embrace their spooky side.

Let your kid’s imaginations run wild with a spooky Halloween party filled with frightening feasts and ghoulish games this Halloween.

We’ve brought together all the best kids Halloween party ideas to help you create your own amazing party without the fear of terrible toddlers running rampant.

Party Planning Basics

How to Plan the Spookiest Kids Halloween Party
You may be asking what makes a great kids party. We break down the elements of a party to make the whole process seem much more manageable. You’ll need to consider these 5 things:

  • Themed Invitations
  • Delicious and Themed Food (including Cake!)
  • Themed Decorations
  • Entertainment and Themed Games
  • Themed Party Favors

There’s a lot of theming going on in this list, but just keep in mind:

You can never go over the top with the theme at a kids birthday party!

Look back at your list, that is all you need. Make all those things Halloween themed and you’ve covered all bases.

So let’s take a look at all the best ideas to bring all these Halloween themed elements together!

Halloween Party Invitations

Aim to build the excitement with a stunning invitation for all your young guests.

This is your shop front for your Halloween party, your party marketing material if you like!

Getting your invitation right is important for letting everyone know all the logistic details, but also to encourage them to come! You want them to think this is a party they do not want to miss!

Ribbon Bat Halloween Invitation

This cute ribbon bat Halloween invitation from is simple, tactile and memorable. It’s a mini Halloween decoration in itself.

You can easily make this invitation yourself and can even customize it to your own personal style by switching up the card colors.

A good start, but I think we can still do better.

Bright & Fun Halloween Invitation

Now we’re getting going! This visually beautiful, bright and fun Halloween invitation by A Subtle Revelry really catches your guests attention and demands they play with it until it’s indelibly marked in their mind.

We love an interactive invitation as it really stands out in peoples memories, especially if the kids keep asking to play with it!

If the invitation is this fun, just imagine the party!

Googly Eye Bat Confetti Halloween Invitation

Talking about catching people’s attention, this googly eyed bat confetti Halloween invitation from Real Simple will make kids squeal with excitement (and parents groan) at the mess as the bat confetti falls to the floor when it’s opened.

That kind of stuff sticks in the mind and alludes to the fun to be had if they come to your party!

Also, who doesn’t like googly eyes!?

Spooky Jack O’Lantern Halloween Invitation

Back to a more simple design, but still really effective. This spooky jack o’lantern Halloween invitation from Paper Pipe Dreams is really stylish and eye catching.

You could either do black card and orange pumpkin face or orange card and black pumpkin face, or mix it up for a bit of variety.

Either way, lots of glitter makes it really pop.

Halloween Party Food

Halloween party food can go a couple of different ways, either just theme it to fit in with the Halloween decorations or try and make delicious food look disgusting!

Don’t ask me why this works, it just does.

Of course they would avoid broccoli because of the way it looks, but get stuck into a plate of worms at Halloween!

Green Monster Burgers

These green monster burgers by Tesco are definitely our favorite Halloween snacks.

It’s jut a cheese and ham sandwich, but it takes on a whole (monster) life of it’s own with a bit of creativity.

They will go down a storm at your kids Halloween party.

Halloween Shapes Cheese and Crackers

So simple to make, you just need some crackers and a Halloween set of cookie cutters to make these Halloween shape cheese and crackers from Peas and Crayons.

Be sure to choose some orange cheddar to keep on theme!

You can obviously also do this with a variety of foods, such as sliced ham and smoked salmon for the crackers as well as apple slices and potato shapes (rubbed in oil and baked).

Pretzel Witches Fingers

Make sure you keep the adults away from these pretzel stick witches fingers by Crafty Morning until the kids have had their chance! These will go quickly!

They’re so realistic for an edible green themed food that you almost don’t want them munched down, but munched down they certainly will be so get over it!

Silly Apple Bites

Oh, these are good! You can just see the kids holding one of these and one of the monster burgers and making them eat each other in a silly apple bite/monster burger food off! Who would win!?

Of course, these silly apple bites by Fork and Beans would completely fall apart in a fight, so no food fighting kids!

Perhaps keep them separated to ensure there is no monster food fighting. Well, one is an entree and one is more of a dessert so it kind of makes sense…

Halloween Ghosts on Carrot Cupcakes

Do these Halloween party foods just keep getting better? These ghosts on carrot cupcakes from Everyday Southwest are so cute and the amount of swirly frosting on top is making me hungry!

They are a great idea for dessert alongside the silly apple bites (both of which have the tactic of being too cute not to want to eat!)

Who would win in a fight between… oh never mind!

Halloween Party Drinks Bottles

These Halloween party drinks bottles from Crazy Little Projects are a great way to offer up a variety of different drinks to picky kids.

They’re so simple to do as well by just sticking face shapes to bottles and filling with corresponding flavors of drink.

Would the invisible man for water? I don’t even think that will help get them to drink water!

Halloween Party Decorations

You want your Halloween party to have the right atmosphere, or at least set the scene so that the kids feel they are in a spooky party wonderland.

To try and keep a lid on your party budget it’s always a good idea to try and make decorations yourself when possible so we’ve brought together some of the best DIY Halloween decoration ideas.

Let’s get this party spookified!

Mason Jar Mummy Luminaries

A great place to start with your decorations is the lighting, and these mason jar mummy luminaries from A Little Claireification will create an eerie glow in the darkness.

They are surprisingly easy to make and are something you can get the kids involved with.

Plus you get to use those googly eyes again!

Halloween Eyeball Wreath

Oh we’re not done with those googly eyes, not by a long shot! This Halloween eyeball wreath from The Love Nerds is such a creative decoration for your front door.

If only you could get all the googly eyes to focus on the guest when they ring the door bell!

That’s a lot of ping pong balls I hear you say… relax, they are pretty cheap!

Glow in the Dark Paint Decorations

I didn’t know whether to put this in the kids Halloween party list or the adults one, but I guess it would work in either. This great idea of using glow in the dark materials to create a spooky atmosphere is by From House to Home.

It works best in small spaces so would be great for a bathroom, especially so you can ‘paint’ laundry detergent on to tiles and then wash it off afterwards.

Hopefully this won’t stop the kids wanting to use to toilet….

You can always just turn a regular light on though to make it all disappear!

Spooky Halloween Balloon Garland

Balloon garlands are always a great way to add some easy, cheap decorations that cover a large area. This Halloween balloon garland by Eighteen 25 is ideal.

We love the little balloons with eyes that look like cheeky little mischievous characters!

Add some fake spiders web over the top for added effect.

Cheesecloth Floating Ghosts

Another great large scale decoration that is easy and cheap to make are these cheesecloth floating ghosts by jessyratfink on Instructables.

They are an awesome project to do with the kids in advance and you can use them anywhere for your Halloween party. You could even hang them from the ceiling.

These can be made large or small, depending on how much cheesecloth you get!

Bloody Halloween Candles

For a really gory edge to the decorations, these bloody Halloween candles from Sous Notre Toit (thank you google translate!) will really set the perfect spooky scene.

You just need red and white candles to make these, that’s all!

They’d also work for the adult Halloween party.

Halloween Party Games

Oh these kids still need entertaining after all the effort I’ve put into food and decorations? Well, yes.

But you don’t need to hire an expensive entertainer. Just create your own games to keep them occupied for the few hours you have them.

The aim is always to keep them busy long enough so they don’t start ransacking the house!

Have a few options ready to go at a moment’s notice if one game flops.

Feed The Monster Game

Kids like to throw things. It’s just a basic instinct. Give them an outlet for this and you’ll all be happy.

This amazing ‘Feed the Monster’ game from Tried and True Blog is just the ticket.

The use of window-safe foam balls is inspired, especially painted up as eyeballs!

Halloween Tin Can Alley Game

Again, throwing things. Just a different target!

This cool tin can alley game from Red Ted Art is pretty cute and a great use of recycled materials!

Just remember that you are a grown up human being and not just a tin can stacker. Make sure the kids know they have to re-stack the tins themselves after each go. Lay down some rules!

Pumpkin Ring Toss Game

I promise I do not have a thing for throwing games, but kids do! So this pumpkin ring toss game by Kid Friendly Things to Do is another great option to keep them all occupied.

What works great with this game is that if you do it inside and turn the lights off the game takes on a whole new glow in the dark element.

You might want to paint the pumpkin with a glow in the dark material from the earlier idea in decorations so that they can see it!

Halloween Toilet Roll Crafting

We always love a good crafting exercise as a party activity so that the kids are kept occupied during the party, and they make their own party favors to take home! Win-win!

This fantastic Halloween toilet roll crafting idea from The Best Ideas For Kids is ideal.

They can make a variety of different monsters and you could even have a prize for the best one at the end.

Halloween Party Favors

Party’s over kids! Time to usher the little treasures out the door and start surveying the damage!

But before they leave they must have a party favor to take home with them.

These little treats will be your final opportunity to impress your guests and leave a lasting memory of a great kids Halloween party.

Pumpkin Face Paper Bags

You need something to put your favors in and these simple pumpkin face paper bags by It’s Written on the Walls are perfect.

You can either get a punch, as in the tutorial or cut out the pumpkin face yourself.

You’ll need a clear plastic liner so things don’t fall out of course!

Bat Pillow Box Treat Containers

We love these bat pillow boxes from Tonya Staab. They are so cute and are so easy and cheap to make.

You can fill them up with treats happy in the knowledge that it’s the bat pillow box they will remember.

And what do we spy? Googly eyes? Oh yes!

Halloween Slime and Eyeball

These little pots of slime with eyeball from Little Bins for Little Hands are perfect for little ones that love to play with slime (pretty much all of them I think!)

If you can’t find some eyeballs to put in then you could use plastic spiders, fangs or rubber worms!

They are the perfect size for party favors and offer up something a little more thoughtful than some favors people give out!

Pumpkin Favor Wraps

This is just a really cute way to wrap up some candy. It’s the little details that really hammer home your party planning superiority!

Just pop one of these pumpkin favor wraps by Wonder Kids UK into the party favor bags and your little guests will find it delightful to unwrap them to see what’s inside.

Well, you’ve got all the ingredients for an awesomely spooky kids Halloween party here, you just need to cook it up and serve!

We hope you’ve found lots of inspiration and ideas to make your own kids Halloween party a roaring success and have people taking about it for years to come.

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