How to Plan the Perfect Lego Birthday Party

I think Lego is a toy that everyone can understand, young and old and so it’s a little easier to plan the perfect Lego birthday party for your kids than, say, a Minecraft birthday party.

Things do change though, and we now have Ninjago as well as standard Lego to contend with, among others.

We’re sticking with a broad Lego themed birthday party here though and we will branch out in to other franchises later!

So how do you go about planning an awesome Lego birthday party?

Let us lead the way….

Party Planning Basics

We aim to make this whole party planning process easy for you and awesome for your kids. To do that, we need to understand what elements a great party is made up of.

  • Themed Invitations
  • Delicious and Themed Food (including Cake!)
  • Themed Decorations
  • Entertainment and Themed Games
  • Themed Party Favors

So themes feature a lot! Just bear in mind:

You can never go over the top with the theme at a kids birthday party!

Look back at your list, that’s all you need. Make all those things Lego themed and you’ll have covered all bases.

Now let’s have a look at the best ideas to create all these Lego themed elements!

Lego Party Invitations

When you invite your guests you’re setting a scene in their minds and starting the journey to full on party excitement!

We don’t want you to overlook the importance of the party invitations so we’ve got a few awesome examples of Lego party invitations that will amaze your guests.

Lego Block Party Invitations

You couldn’t condense the essence of Lego down to anything more basic than a simple block and this great Lego block invitations by Little Family Fun is impactful, yet simple.

You could knock 20 of these invitations out in an hour easily and still have time to help make that Lego police station!

Photographed Lego Party Invitations

This really is a genius way of creating invitations.

These photographed Lego invitations by Bren Did are simply printed photographs of the word ‘Party’ made from Lego.

You couldn’t get more DIY than that for an invitation, but they still look amazing!

Textured Lego Head Invitations

All of these invitations are really simple but we think they are so stylish and memorable.

This textured Lego head invitation from 30 Minute Crafts is simply a cut out of a Lego mini figure head to make a card.

You could draw on some Lego faces too if you have time, and if you can’t find the textured paper then simple yellow paper would still do the job.

Lego Party Food

The party food you offer up can really help set the scene as another form of decoration so trying to make much of it themed is a good idea.

With the blocky nature of Lego it makes it simple to come up with suitable snacks.

Lego Rice Krispie Treats

Who doesn’t like a rice krispie cake?

They’re so easy to make and you can get the kids involved too.

You could make a range of colors if you use food coloring, but just having these recreating these Lego rice krispie treats from The Stay at Home Chef would still be perfect!

Lego Block Cupcakes

We always try to involve cupcakes in our parties and so we naturally sought out an appropriate one for a Lego party.

These gorgeous Lego block cupcakes by The Many Little Joys are simple sponge and vanilla frosting cupcakes but with molded Lego blocks made with a Lego mold and colored candy melts.

The kids will blow their minds at the thought of being able to eat Lego blocks!

As long as they don’t try and eat real ones…

Primary Color Jello Cups and Drinks

One of Lego’s great features is it’s many bright colors and these great little jello cups and drinks bottles from Babyology make good use of this fact.

Sometimes you don’t need to be super themed with your food and drink if there are certain colors that will fit into to the overall decor.

We love the little spoon cup with the mini figure stuck on the side!

Mini Figure Head Marshmallow Cake Pops

These awesome Lego marshmallow cake pops from Cherished Bliss are our favorite treats of the lot. They are so simple to make but fit the theme perfectly and can be made really cute by adding different expressions.

Cake pops are a fantastic solution to the cake conundrum without offering up too large a portion, especially if they are just marshmallow underneath.

I might just start making these for general consumption…

Lego Block Sandwiches

Another great use of the Lego block shape. These Lego block sandwiches by In The Playroom are peanut butter & jelly but you could make the fillings anything you like.

It’s surprising how the slightest element of fun added to your food makes it more appealing (obviously a PBJ goes down well every time, but hopefully you get my point!?)

Lego Face Plates

Not a food, but a food holding device. Otherwise know as a plate.

These awesome Lego face plates from Homeslice Blog are really fun and would also be fun to make.

You just have to google ‘lego faces’ and you’ll have tons of them to copy.

Lego Party Decorations

The key to kids party decorations is minimum effort for maximum effect so we are always looking out for big backdrops and props that will set the scene without having to go into too much details.

Having said that, the devil is in the detail so the odd little finishing touch will help.

We’ve brought together some of the best ideas for you Lego party decorations to help you out.

Lego Paper Plate Backdrop

First up is a quick and easy Lego paper plate backdrop from Catch My Party that is made up of colored paper sheets or cardboard with colored paper plates stuck on them.

You can then set them up in any orientation as a backdrop to your food, for a photo booth or just all the way round the room!

You can set up a Lego backdrop factory line to get these done!

Giant Lego Balloon Wreath

Balloons are another cheap and easy way to create large party decorations.

This stunning giant Lego balloon wreath from 100 Layer Cakelet with Lego character faces would look amazing as part of your Lego party decorations.

The fun part, like the Lego face paper plates earlier is drawing all the different expressions!

Lego Front Door Party Sign

The good old balloons at the front gate party sign is a bit old hat, how about this awesome Lego front door party sign from Planted By Streams to show your guests the way!

We feel this is a project you can delegate quite happily!

Unless you want to do it yourself. You control freak, you.

Lego Block Name Decoration

Another job that could be done by your kids if they’re up to the task. This Lego block name decoration from School of Decorating is a great way to create decor without actually spending money (assuming you have the blocks already… you are hosting a Lego party after all!)

You could take the Lego block idea further and create some props out of Lego as table decorations, or even hang them from the ceiling.

Lego Block Bunting

Similar to the Lego block backdrop earlier, this simple bunting from MondoCherry via Buzzfeed can be made with craft paper and double sided foam tape.

String a few of these across the room to totally transform the space into a Lego wonderland!

Lego Party Games

The food and decorations always form part of the overall entertainment, but you need to keep these kids occupied for a few hours!

Be prepared with several options in case any of them flop. To help you do that we’ve found lots of fantastic DIY games options for your Lego birthday party.

It’s always good to have everything laid out before the guests arrive and know your plan! (but be relaxed if it’s not followed)

Absolutely no need to hire a dodgy children’s entertainer!

Make Your Own Lego Minifigs

This one should go down well, and will keep them going for a good while.

This fantastic tutorial on making your own Lego minifigs by Frugal Living NW takes you step by step through the process.

You could mix it up by pre-making blank white clay figures in the molds and getting the kids to paint them.

The great thing is that they will be able to take home their minifigs!

Lego Block Pull Pinata

We may well provide a pinata option in all of our party guides, but this Lego block pull pinata from Delia Creates offers up something a little less destructive by doing away with the bashing stick!

If you’re anything like me, this sounds like a good idea!

At the end of the day they still get a shower of candy!

Cover The Board Race

This uses stuff you may already have so is a nice cheap game!

The cover the board race from Frugal Fun 4 Boys does what it says in the title! Contestants must cover a Lego baseboard with bricks quickest.

If you want something a little less competitive and more team skills based then try the car partner challenge, also by Frugal Fun 4 Boys (great Lego game creation skills guys!)

I Spy The Lego Guy

If you have younger kids then a scavenger hunt is always a good option.

The ‘I spy the Lego guy’ game by Delia Creates is a really simple one to set up and only requires a few paper Lego figures placed strategically (depending on how long you want the game to last… ie. time for a glass of wine).

Lego Party Favors

Time for the little guests to be on their merry way, but you have one last treat for them. One last thing for them to remember your incredible Lego party by.

Favors are a funny thing, you’ve just given these kids a wonderful gift of entertainment, food and adventure and now you must hand over another gift as they leave.

Still, it’s awesome seeing their faces light up at the receipt of their favors.

Lego Block Cardboard Gift Boxes

You’ll need something to put your favors in and these handy little Lego block cardboard gist boxes from Lines Across do the job perfectly.

They can also be used as party food doggy bags for all those leftovers!

Lego Block Paper Gift Bags

Alternatively you can have something very similar but in bag form, which would be much easier to create.

These Lego block paper gift bags from Homemade Serenity look great.

Portable Lego Building Kit

We love these little portable Lego building kits by Babble that would be a wonderful, useful gift. I’m sure they would actually get played with over and over and the parents would appreciate them too.

All you would need is a suitable sized lunch box, Lego grass board and some Lego pieces.

These would also be quite fun to put together!

Mini Lego Activity Bags

Another really useful and cute favor is this mini Lego activity bag from La Frugal Appetite.

You can make both the Lego minifigure crayons and the coloring book yourself.

Favors are always so much more memorable when you’ve obviously put in a lot of effort to make sure they are something good.

Lego Minifigure Gummy Candy

Those silicone Lego minifigure molds are going to be used to within an inch of there lives!

These delicious looking Lego minifigure gummy candies by Grant Thompson via Popsugar will delight your guests on their way home.

Just pop them into one of the smaller Lego block boxes from earlier and one seriously awesome Lego treat is complete!

I think you’ll agree, if you can pull some of these ideas off then your little guests will be talking about your awesome Lego birthday party for years to come.

We hope you’ve found plenty of inspiration and ideas here to create your own Lego party.

Let’s hope by the time the party comes around that they haven’t moved onto a new obsession!

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