How to Plan an Awesome Moana Birthday Party

Moana is one of those Disney films that really stands out and is popular with both kids and adults. It’s such an inspiring story and all headed up by a strong female character!

That doesn’t mean a Moana party is just for girls though!

The great thing about the Moana theme for a birthday party is that Moana’s character appeals to boys and girls. Maui is also a great character in the film.

That being said, you still have a big job on your hands with planning this party, so we’re here to hold your hands through the process.

We have loads of great ideas for your Moana birthday party right here.

Party Planning Basics

We want the party planning process to become a breeze for you and so we always start off by breaking the party down into it’s 5 main elements:

  • Themed Invitations
  • Delicious and Themed Food (including Cake!)
  • Themed Decorations
  • Entertainment and Themed Games
  • Themed Party Favors

Ok, so there’s a lot of words that all look like ‘theme’ in there, but there’s a good reason for that!

You can never go over the top with the theme at a kids birthday party!

Breaking the party down like this will hopefully show you that it’s not all that daunting and you can concentrate on one aspect at a time.

Coincidentally, that’s exactly what we’re about to do for you now…

Moana Party Invitations

Get started on the right foot with a stunning invitation to your Moana party.

You want your guests to feel like they really don’t want to miss out on this party so you need to set the scene with your party invitations.

This is an extension of your party, not just a side thought!

Moana Kakamora Invitations

The Kakamora are probably the cutest thing about the film, even though they are supposed to be the bad guys!

These gorgeous Kakamora invitations from The Bean and the Belle are really unique and will be well received by any potential guests.

You want your invitations to be memorable and these ones will definitely stick in the mind.

Laser Cut Wood Moana Invitations

Ok, so these are a little elaborate, but we had to show you them because they are stunning!

These laser cut wood invitations by iamcaked on Instagram will really impress your guests.

Just food for thought….

Ok, so you’re going for the Kakamora ones aren’t you?

Moana Party Food

The food is perhaps the most important aspect of the entire party as you may have a riot on your hands if you get it wrong!

However, it’s really not difficult to offer up great party food that is totally on theme.

We’ve got some great ideas here for your Moana party food.

Giant Kakamora Cake Pops

Those feisty little Kakamora might make a few appearance at this Moana themed party and these amazing giant Kakamora cake pops from Catch My Party will go down a storm with your guests.

You can make these giant cake pops using a 3″ hemi-spherical cake mold to create two halves of the cake pop which you can then put together with a filling of choice and then cover in candy melts.

The faces can be done with rolled out frosting and some edible cake decorating pens.

Heart of Te Fiti Cookies

We love these heart of Te Fiti cookies from Sugar and Spice Glitter. The heart of Tefiti stone is a major part of the film so it’s great to have it form part of your party food display.

They look complicated but are just layers of cookie dough in two shades of green rolled together and then sliced up.

You don’t have to tell your guests that they were easy though!

Moana’s Boat Fruit Bowl

It’s always great if you can sneak something a bit more healthy in amongst the other party food.

This stunning fruit bowl in the shape of Moana’s boat by Make Life Lovely is a great way to do that.

It’s so simple, but makes quite an impressive table centerpiece.

Ocean Life Rice Krispie Treats

Everyone loves a rice krispie treat don’t they? Especially the cook! They’re so easy!

These gorgeous little ocean life rice krispie treats from Styling the Moment fit in perfectly with the theme and look stunning!

Just lather on some blue frosting mixed with edible glitter to the rice krispies and then stick on some sea life cake toppers.

Moana Beach Jello Treats

We are in love with these adorable jello cups with mini Moana boats from The Jersey Momma.

Jello is always well received and if you can make it this good it will probably be the highlight of the party food!

These party food ideas are doing a great job at providing your party decorations, but we have a whole other section of those to come!

Moana Hawaiian Punch

This Moana Hawaiian fruit punch by In The Kids Kitchen is such a vibrant color and can be adapted to suite a variety of tastes by using different fruit juices.

The blue sugar glitter on the rim really sets off the colors of the punch but it’s not essential.

Ocean Party Popcorn Mix

We’re a big fan of popcorn as a party food because it’s pretty healthy, kids love it and it can be easily dressed up with a themed popcorn box and various suitable sprinkles and dressings.

This vibrant ocean popcorn mix by The Love Nerds is perfect for the Moana party.

You can obviously make your own Moana-based sticker for the sides of the popcorn boxes to make it fit in to the theme better.

Moana Party Decorations

You might think all those fantastic party food ideas are decoration enough, but imagine when they’ve all been eaten and you’re left with a wasteland of previously Moana themed crumbs and half empty jello cups!?

What a nightmare!!

Luckily you planned ahead and had loads of great ideas (provided by us) for your Moana birthday party decorations.

Spray Foam Coral Reef

Oh this is clever! We love this spray foam coral reef by DIY Parties Channel on YouTube. They’ve gone to a lot of effort in the video tutorial, but you can make it as simple or as complicated as you like.

If you’re anything like me you’ll take it all the way up to 11 on the dial! (Sorry for all you non-Spinal Tap fans… I mean really, how do you get through life without being a Spinal Tap fan!?)

It may look daunting, but is actually really fun, just understand that the foam expands a lot so don’t use too much!

Just experiment and have fun!

Tropical Leaf Paper Garland

I’m loving these ocean/hawaii/Moana themed decorations. They’re just so pretty!

This awesome tropical leaf paper garland from Lia Griffith is simply stunning and will help you coverĀ  larger area with your decorations.

You can also use more of the cut outs strewn over tables for added effect.

Kakamora Coconuts

I warned you these little tikes would keep popping up! These Kakamora coconuts by abbyewilliams on Instagram are a great idea.

You just need some coconuts and either acrylic paint or some paint pens that are suitable for drawing on wood (if you don’t know about these already, prepare to have your kid’s artistic life enriched!)

Set your kids down in front of a blank coconut and let them go wild!

Then do them all again yourself because you’re such a control freak…. Just me?

Pretty Painted Pineapples

Another really simple decoration which could also be a part of your party food display. These pretty painted pineapples from Everyday Pursuits are simple pineapples with the leaves painted in different acrylic colors.

They’ve done a lovely ombre effect on these but if you don’t want to spend that much time on them you can just paint them in one shade.

Just make sure you have an army to feed pineapple to for the next few days.

Or give them as favors to the parents.

Grass Skirting for Tables and Backdrops

This is a great idea from Catch My Party to add some inexpensive grass skirting to tables, walls, doors, anything to give a little more of a tropical theme to your Moana party.

Add in some paper flowers and some of those tropical leaf garlands from earlier and you’re on to a winner!

Maui’s Magical Fish Hook

You could go out and buy a lighting up Maui fish hook, or if you want to make one yourself then this tutorial from The Pinterested Parents is perfect.

No Moana party will be complete without Maui’s fish hook (especially if there are boys coming to the party!)

Moana Party Games

OK, you’ve set the scene and provided sustenance, now you must ensure that these little ones are kept busy for a few hours.

You need to make sure you’re prepared in advance and have a few options in case any one game does not go down well.

We’ve got your back with these awesome Moana party games that kids will absolutely love!

Kakamora Target Practice

Here they are again! This time the kids can take revenge on them for attacking Moana.

This fantastic Kakamora target practice game from Howe Clan Blog will keep them entertained for a good while.

We always recommend not being lured into re-stacking the targets yourself, get the lazy little tikes to do it themselves!

Moana Hula Hoop Wave Game

This great little hula hoop wave game from Jonesing2Create is fantastic for encourage the kids to work together and get some interaction going.

All you need is a hula hoop too, so a pretty easy and cheap game to set up!

For a bit of added fun get all the adults to race the kids (you may need a bigger hula hoop!)

Moana Bingo

No, this hasn’t turned into a senior citizen Moana party. Kids love bingo too!

This Moana bingo tutorial from Girls Love Glam provides you with all you need to set this game up.

The good thing is that you could play until everyone has had a chance to shout ‘bingo’.

Kakamora Pinata

We haven’t quite finished with these little guys. This awesome Kakamora pinata by Jonesing2Create is another chance for the kids to beat the crap out of those coconut pirates!

We love a good pinata as a party game, although they tend not to last too long and involve rather a lot of violence and candy…. Hmmmmm…

Moana Party Favors

Well, party’s over little dudes and dudettes! Time to grab your loot and run for home.

Just one last opportunity to make a lasting impression on your guests… the party favors!

We always like to make these memorable rather than a hurried throwing together of random things in the dollar store.

Kakamora Party Favor Bags

You may have had enough of these little Kakamoras by now, but this is the last time you will see them here I promise!

These simple but amazing Kakamora favor bags from Spot of Tea Designs are the perfect vessel for your party favors.

You can use the same principle to simply print off your own designs to put on the side of a simple paper bag if you don’t want any more Kakamora!

Heart of Te Fiti Stones

You’ve taken these kids on a journey to find themselves and their reward should be good!

These gorgeous heart of Te Fiti stones by Paging Supermom are the perfect prizes for their hard efforts.

They have been beautifully presented in the tutorial, although if you don’t have time to go into so much detail you could just pop a heart of Te Fiti stone in their party favor bag.

Tatamoa Slime

Aha! Another character to bombard you with if you don’t want the Kakamora anymore. Sadly it’s come too late in proceedings.

This Tatamoa slime from As The Bunny Hops is a great little favor to pop in the bag. Not sure how well it will go down with the parents, but that is not your problem anymore!

Coral Rock Candy

Rock candy is always a really impressive and tasty treat to send kids home with as a favor.

These coral rock candies from Lady Behind the Curtain are perfect.

Ahem, ignore the finding Dory bit.

Fantastic! You’ve got all the elements for a perfect Moana birthday party all lined up, you’ve just got to go and get stuck in creating it all!

Hopefully you’ve found enough inspiration and ideas here for your own Moana party.

Good luck!

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