10 Delicious Party Food Bar Ideas

Party food can be quite a tricky element of the party to plan, but it doesn’t need to be that way. If you use a party food bar or two you can keep things simple while allowing your guests to pick exactly what they want.

A food bar also means you can leave some of the preparation to your guests. Good delegation!

There are so many foods that you can present as a food bar and we’ve brought together what we think are the ones that work best in any party.

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A Brilliant Burger Bar

Let’s face it, burgers are popular! But not everyone likes their burger the same way. Restaurants have made a concerted effort to ensure you can add to your burger to get it just so.

So why not offer the same service to your party guests? Albeit leaving them to do the hard work!

We love this brilliant burger bar by Completely Delicious which keeps things rustic and not too unhealthy!

I Scream, You Scream, Ice Cream Bar

Follow the burger bar up with an incredible ice cream bar as a powerful one-two party food extravaganza!

This delicious looking ice cream bar by Darcy Miller Designs gives guests so many options you’ll blow their minds, but they’ll love you for it!

A Wonderful Waffle Bar

I. Love. Waffles. So they had to make an appearance on this list. In fact I might just make myself this amazing waffle bar by Moms & Munchkins right now!

This is another fantastic desert option if you wanted to veer away from ice cream… although ice cream should form a part of a waffle bar, surely!?

A Chilled out Chili Bar

Giving options doesn’t just have to be about the toppings, bases and sauces. The chili bar could have a hot and a mild chili to allow for everyone’s varying tastes (and tolerances!)

This excellent chili bar layout from Celebrations At Home gives party guests the options of chili dogs, chili potatoes, chili fries, chili pasta and chili nachos.

Now tell me that isn’t enough choices!

A Terrific Taco Bar

Oh wait, the chili bar didn’t offer chili tacos! But we’ve got you covered if you’re a taco fanatatic.

This awesome taco bar by Drink Bai is both incredibly pretty and amazingly thorough!

There is even the option of nachos if you want.

You can’t beat a good taco…

A Cool Coffee and Cake Bar

The coffee and cake bar is where the cool kids hang out! This beautiful set up from Fantabulosity combines two of my favorite things.

I think this kind of food bar will go down a storm at any party, in fact make sure you have extra supplies for when it runs out!

A Gorgeous Grilled Cheese Bar

Oh please stop, this is all making me incredibly hungry!

I think this would be my favorite food bar of the lot (have I said that already!?)

This scrumptious looking grilled cheese bar from The Inspired Home will have the whole party feeling a strong case of the munchies, even if they’re not hungry!

A Yummy Yogurt Bar

A yogurt bar might surprise some of you, but hear me out. This is a great healthy option as you can include fruits, nuts, seeds along with the more naughty extras of chocolate and marshmallows.

It’s also such a simple food bar to put together… you just need to get some seriously big tubs of yogurt!

We love how colorful this yogurt bar from Sweet and Savory by Shinee looks.

A Delicious Donut Bar

You donut want to miss out on having one of these at your party! (Sorry!)

This amazing donut wall from Save The Date Design Co. on Etsy makes serving your donuts super easy.

You just might need to employ someone to refill it regularly!

A Banging Bagel Bar

Bagels are a popular savory option that can be filled with so many different options.

We love how this bagel bar by Salty Canary has been displayed so beautifully. Who could resist diving into this food bar offering?

Although it would get messy quickly…. stay away from my beautiful bagel bar!!

Well if you’re not running for the nearest shop for all of these foods right now then you’re a stronger person than me!

Hopefully we’ve shown you plenty of party food bar options for you to offer up some incredible party food to your guests with minimal fuss and zero complaints!

Is a food bar party a thing? Just a room full of different food bars and some music! I might just start this trend…

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