25 Incredible Superhero Party Ideas

Our kids are all little superheroes to us parents, but what if they could actually become superheroes for the day?

Are your kids Spiderman fans, Batman enthusiasts or do they love the Guardians of the Galaxy ?

It doesn’t matter which superheroes your kids are into, a good superhero birthday party will cover all bases and leave your little guests feeling on top of the world!

We’ve brought together the best ideas for an incredible superhero birthday party for you in one place, you just need to make it happen!

Party Planning Basics

It can be daunting getting started on organizing any kids party, but we think you should ignore those long to do lists and just concentrate on four core elements:

  • Themed Invitations
  • Delicious and Themed Food (including Cake!)
  • Themed Decorations
  • Entertainment and Themed Games
  • Themed Party Favors

OK, so we’ve definitely over-used the word ‘theme’ in there but we wanted to get a point across.

You can never go over the top with the theme at a kids birthday party!

We might start using that as our daily mantra here at Party Plan Ideas.

If you stick to sorting out all the things on that list, and nothing else you’ll have a totally amazing kids party and feel like it was a joy to plan rather than a chore.

So let’s get stuck into these superhero party ideas!

Superhero Party Invitations

You can’t have a party without lots of eager little guests.

And no, they don’t have superhero ESP so you need to send them an invitation!

This is where you need to set the scene in their heads of how amazing this party is going to be. You want every single kid to be desperate to make it to this party and it be the only thing they talk about.

Just because of one invitation.

City Backdrop Superhero Party Invitation

We’re starting off simple here, but stylish. It’s actually quite an inspiring image, but very simply done.

These city backdrop invitations from Paper Source can be bought, but with a little fiddling around on the computer I’m confident you guys could knock this out in a couple of hours (please don’t tell me I’ve read you all wrong!?)

It’s always good to have the option of just printing off all the invitations if it turns out you don’t have time to make something more involved.

Newspaper Headline Superhero Invitation

Now this is something a bit more involved!

Although you can get a digital template for these awesome newspaper headline invitations as seen on Catch My Party.

This is the kind of invitation that will leave a lasting impression on young superhero fans!

Comic Book Superhero Invitation

Superheroes largely started off in comic books so this fantastic comic book invitation seen on Party Ideas By a Pro is ideal.

Whether your kids read comic books or not, they’ll love the unique story line for your upcoming superhero birthday party.

Superhero Party Food

Every budding superhero needs their energy replenished with some party food!

OK, maybe party food isn’t exactly the sound basis of super strength, but these little superheroes will do quite well on it for now.

If you get the party food right (and themed!) it will be well received and can have a role in the overall party decorations.

Until it all gets devoured of course.

Superhero Juice Bottles

You can put literally any drink in these super-cute superhero juice bottles from Pra Voce Festas Especiais (Google translate is awesome!) and I think they’d be happily chugged by any child.

Those felt capes are adorable!

Don’t worry, there are other treats later on that the capes can be used on so you can make the most of them. Unless the kids want to take these bottles home to use everyday!

Batman Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches

Whenever we make toast at home our son wants it cut into a different shape, luckily he’s still too young to ask for complicated ones! But when that moment comes we might get some cookie cutters out for the job.

Just like these awesome Batman PBJ sandwiches from C’mon Get Crafty.

You can obviously use whatever superhero-related cookie cutters you can get your hands on, even a circle can be used for Captain America’s shield or you could just use star shapes!

Hulk Rice Krispie Treats

I think we put rice krispie treats in every party plan because they are so easy to color and mold to your desired look.

These stunning Hulk rice krispie treats from DIY Treats will go down a storm with your guests.

As with the sandwiches, you can go with a whole range of different rice krispie treat characters, such as Spiderman and Batman.

Captain America’s Shield Fruit Platter

We try to get some token healthy options in there too! Although fruit is a bit of a cheat!

You guests will love this amazing Captain America’s shield fruit platter by Cheryl Cavanaugh.

It might not last long though!

Thor’s Hammer Cheese Sticks

Cheese on a stick will always work well with kids, a would you believe it, it looks just like Thor’s hammer!

These fantastic Thor’s hammer cheese sticks from Mass Hole Mummy are really easy to make.

For other characters you could use mini superhero cookie cutters and put these shapes on a stick.

Thor’s Hammer Cupcakes

We felt we had to show you these gorgeous Thor’s hammer cupcakes by Horrible Housewife.

They’re so cute, yet so easy to make.

These could form part of a whole range of superhero cupcakes and cake pops, just let your imagination run wild!

Superhero Party Decorations

This is where you can create the right party atmosphere. You’ve got the party food down and now you need to make the surroundings match.

A good starting point is making a quick, easy backdrop to cover a large area.

Balloons are also a great idea to create instant impact.

We’ve got some perfect ideas for your superhero party decorations!

Cityscape Backdrop

This cityscape backdrop from American Greetings is a perfect way to set the scene in a dramatic but simple way.

It can be used later for a photo booth backdrop too as your tiny superheroes fly through the city to help citizens in trouble!

All you need for this is some blue gift wrap, craft paper and glue.

Superhero Letter Bunting

With these awesome superhero letter printables from Party With Unicorns you will be able to make up any lettering bunting you like!

Use it to make up your child’s name, ‘Happy Birthday’ or a superhero call to action.

It’s a great way to add in some impactful decoration with little effort.

Superhero Table Centerpiece Boxes

It’s so easy to create these stand-out table centerpieces by Remarkably Created. You just need some cardboard boxes, craft paper or card and a bit of elbow grease!

The extra shapes and speech bubbles on sticks give it a bit more height and drama.

Cityscape Superhero Table Centerpieces

Alternatively (and more easily) you could create these cityscape table centerpieces from Sarom Inspired.

We love the use of the superhero figures on top of the buildings carrying balloons. But you could just attach the balloons to the buildings without the figures if you don’t have any to hand.

The whole effect is a show stopper!

Felt Superhero Masks

It wouldn’t be a proper superhero party without some face masks to hide out heroes’ identities!

These gorgeous felt superhero masks by Cutesy Crafts do just the job. You could also make them out of card if you don’t want to get into felt craft!

Hand these out at the beginning of the party to your guests and they will love you forever!

They can be a keepsake for them from an amazing party!

Superhero Balloon Decorations

This girly superhero party by Mini Style Mag demonstrates that superheroes certainly don’t just have to be for boys.

They use a great trick with their party balloons by adding superhero masks to make it look like the room is filled with superheroes (other than the tiny ones already causing havoc!)

Superhero Party Games

Wait, I just created an awesome party atmosphere with food and decorations and they’re now demanding entertainment!?

Don’t get caught out wondering what to do next at your superhero party, you need to have several planned games ready to go at a moment’s notice to keep the little ones occupied.

We’ve got some excellent ideas for superhero party games here.

Avengers Tin Can Alley with Thor’s Hammer

We adore this Avengers tin can alley game from Keeping it Simple Crafts. They use a soft Thor’s hammer as the projectile of choice, which is inspired!

Of course, you could paint all the tins in whatever way corresponds to your superhero theme. Perhaps just speech bubbles of comic book ‘POW’s and ‘BLAM’s.

Kids love a bit of destruction and this will keep them occupied for a good long time, especially if they are made to rebuild the tins each time.

Superhero Cuffs Craft Station

Getting your party goers to engage in a craft project is a great way to keep them busy for a while.

These superhero cuffs from Reading Confetti are the perfect solution as they get to keep another part of their superhero outfit.

It may take a little supervision, but once done they will no-doubt be happy to run around as superheroes for a little while, giving you a little wine-time!

Hulk Smash Brick Wall

More destruction!

They have gone to a lot of effort to create this Hulk smash brick wall from Catch My Party.

You could easily recreate it with some cardboard boxes and paint, or even just unpainted cardboard boxes if you don’t have the time to paint them. The kids won’t mind a bit!

Hulk fists optional (but very cool!)

Superhero Training School

This superhero training school from Celebrate Every Day With Me is such a great idea.

The guests carry out several challenges, ticking them off as they go.

At the end they can all receive badges or certificates to confirm their successful graduation as superheroes!

Superhero Obstacle Course

Once fully trained they can be sent out on a real life rescue!

This awesome obstacle course from Families Magazine is really simple to set up (you don’t have to do all the obstacles if you don’t have what is necessary).

There can be a soft toy in desperate need of rescuing at the end of the course and perhaps the superheroes have to carry them safely back through the course.

Superhero Party Favors

Well, it’s been great to have you kids, but now it’s time to go home.

Make the journey home from your awesome party a little less sad by providing an awesome superhero party favor bag.

You want them to remember this as the best superhero party ever and great party favors do just the job!

Superhero Paper Party Favor Bags

You need something to put your favors in and these colorful superhero party favor bags from Casey Mike Laughlin are ideal.

Simply add craft paper cut out in the shape of your chosen superheroes to colored paper bags and you’re done!

Cute Felt Superhero Dolls

Well, these felt superhero dolls by miniboom on Etsy are simply adorable!

You get the patterns to make them yourself so they wont cost you the earth (at least money-wise…time is another matter!)

Your guests will be blown away at receiving these as a party favor!

Spider Web Crazy String

Their parents might not thank you for it, but these spiderweb crazy string canisters by Simon Made It will go down a treat with your guests.

Simply make some paper spiderweb labels and wrap them around cans of crazy string spray and you’re done!

Superhero Lollipops

Grab that felt again for one last time. You’ll need to make some capes for these gorgeous superhero lollipops by The Arena Update if you hadn’t already made them for the juice bottles earlier.

We love the Spiderman gift wrapped box they made as a lollipop stand!

Superhero Slime

Slime is a big deal with kids these days and so easy to make yourself.

This superhero no-borax slime from The Typical Mom is the kind of treat every kid’s eyes will light up at the sight of in their party favor bag.

The parents, however, are starting to hate you now (partly because they’re jealous of the incredible superhero party you just hosted).

There you have it, loads of great ideas for you to pick and choose from to create the most incredible superhero party ever!

We hope you’ve enjoyed looking through all these ideas and that you’re now inspired to get cracking planning this party.

Party Planners Assemble!!