How to Plan an Enchanting Under The Sea Party

There’s something about the sea that really appeals to kids, perhaps it’s all the unusual creatures you can find in the deep.

Anyway, it all means that sea-themed parties are really rather popular.

You could go with a mermaid theme for a girl or if you want to be a little more general, an under the sea theme is perfect.

That way anything loosely sea related is fair game, which makes both your lives and our lives much easier!

Party Planning Basics

We’ve got the party planning down to a fine art. None of those daunting to do lists, all you need are the five main elements:

  • Themed Invitations
  • Delicious and Themed Food (including Cake!)
  • Themed Decorations
  • Entertainment and Themed Games
  • Themed Party Favors

Yes, yes there are an inordinate amount of themes going on here, but that’s really the point isn’t it?

You can never go over the top with the theme at a kids party!

So with that in mind, and the knowledge that you really don’t need to go too deep on the details, let’s look at some under the sea themed party stuff!

Under The Sea Party Invitations

Your invitations are your opportunity to set the scene with your party.

They should be an extension of the party itself and must generate excitement in your guests.

If your invitations are good, just think how good the party will be!

Glitter Clam Shell Invitation

We love invitations that are a little bit more interactive than the standard single sided card (although nothing wrong with them if you do it right!)

This glitter clam shell invitation by Best Creation will be wonderful to open up and see what’s inside.

You could even have a little plastic pearl inside!

Stylish Under The Sea Invitation

So here we have a boring single sided invitation… just kidding. You see what I mean about getting it right though.

This stylish invitation by Greetings Island is beautiful and will take pride of place on any fridge door!

Googly Eyed Felt Octopus Invitation

We are big fans of googly eyes here and this googly eyed octopus invitation by Do It Yourself Invitations really stood out.

Making your own invitations, especially when they are this cute, really goes down well.

Under The Sea Party Food

You’ve got a rabble of ravenous rascals coming around for this under the sea party and they need feeding!

Make sure you have a good range of food to cover all tastes.

Not all of it has to be themed, but if your party food matches your decorations it helps with the overall effect.

Watermelon Turtle Fruit Bowl

There are so many great ways you can carve a watermelon and this amazing turtle fruit bowl by The Watermelon Board is perfect for the under the sea party.

A fruit bowl is also a great way to offer up something a bit healthier at your party.

This looks great fun to make too!

Starfish Sprinkle Cookies

Cookies are a great option for themed party food because you can use cookie cutters and decorations to create absolutely anything!

These adorable starfish sprinkle cookies by The Decorated Cookie will fit right in at an under the sea party.

You can either buy the eyes from a craft shop or use a frosting bag to squeeze out white and black blobs!

Sweet Pepper Octopus and Hummus Dip

Sometimes you can get kids to eat food they wouldn’t normally try by dressing it up well, like this sweet pepper octopus and hummus from Dena’s Ideas.

It’s so easy to make as well, especially if you’re buying the hummus pre-made.

Your under the sea party food is coming together nicely!

Hot Dog Octopus Treats

Another octopus treat idea from Kate Johns, this time using hot dogs!

These can be made by slicing half the hot dog into ‘legs’ and then boiling them until heated through.

The legs will curl up by themselves during the cooking. These will go down a treat at your party!

Blowfish Cake Pops

Cake pops are the perfect sweet treat if you don’t want to make a full on cake. Kids can help themselves too!

These blowfish cake pops from Catch My Party are so cute.

You could also make some cake pop clown fish or almost any sea creature!

Shark Attack Popcorn Boxes

Popcorn is a relatively healthy treat (depending on what you put on it!) and these shark attack popcorn boxes from Partymazing are ideal.

You could do a whole party around the theme of sharks, but we’ll save that party planner for another time!

Under The Sea Party Decorations

The party food has done a decent job of playing on the under the sea party theme but we need more!

With party decorations it’s a good idea to have some large scale decorations such as backdrops and balloon garlands to do the heavy hitting.

Then you can add in some extra fun details.

Tablecloth Sea Backdrop and Fish Scale Wall

There are a lot of great things going on at this party by Meaningful Mama. The sea backdrop made from a range of blue tablecloths is ideal to get a lot of coverage for little cost.

Our favourite aspect is the fish scale wall made from different colored craft paper.

A ceiling of balloons held up by netting finishes off this amazing under the sea theme.

Below the Surface Sea View

If your living room ceiling is now covered on balloons, perhaps you could use this stunning idea from The Charming Classroom.

They have created a below the surface feel by draping tablecloths in a wave shape and then putting sea creature cut outs on top to create silhouettes.

The lights above the tablecloths give the impression of sunlight.

Absolute genius!

Paper Lantern Fish Decorations

We love these gorgeous paper lantern fish from Make Life Lovely. They’re so simple, yet they look totally shop-bought rather than DIY!

Because these are really cheap to make you can have several of them dotted about. You could even have a go at different types of fish if you’re feeling creative.

How about some Nemo and Dorys dotted about your living room ceiling!?

Balloon Seascape and Bubbles

This balloon seascape was created by professionals at Balloons By Tommy, but there is no reason you can’t have a go yourself as the concept is quite simple.

Just string together a lines of clear balloons as well as having some single clear balloons dotted about to represent bubbles from fish.

I’m sure you could manage the odd bit of balloon twisting as well to create seaweed, just make sure you get modelling balloons.

Scalloped Paper Shells

Another DIY decoration that looks totally professional, but is not that difficult to do are these stunning scalloped paper shells from Rose Caramelle (thanks again google translate!).

You could either use these as table confetti, garlands or just hanging from the ceiling.

It’s all about building up the different elements that add to the overall under the sea effect!

Under The Sea Party Games

The scene is set, your guests really believe they’ve been transported under the sea to a stunning world of seaweed and sea creatures. Now you need to keep them entertained.

We recommend you have a few games to hand just in case any of them don’t go down on the day (although these awesome games are sure to keep every little one happy!)

Under The Sea Bingo

Is bingo just for the older generations? No way! Kids love it too, it’s just when we become adults that we think it’s not cool anymore. Have you actually been to bingo recently??

This under the sea bingo game from Artsy Fartsy Mama will go down a storm at your party and will keep them occupied for quite a while.

All you need to do is print out the cards and get some sort of markers, like the pebbles in the picture.

DIY Fish Pinata

Every party can benefit from a pinata, although it can get a bit violent if you’re not strict with everyone.

This awesome DIY fish pinata from Rust and Sunshine is a great way to save a bit of money, control what goes inside the pinata and have a bit of creative fun in making it all at the same time.

Sea Bed Treasure Hunt

Treasure hunts go down well at any party, but with the under the sea theme it’s a bit closer to being a real pirate!

This sea bed treasure hunt idea from Dinner At The Zoo does require the a sand pit and some good weather outside, but will keep the kids entertained on and off throughout the party.

Deep Sea Running Relay

This is a brilliantly entertaining game, but only for outdoors!!

You need two pairs of goggles, flippers and buckets.

Split the guests into two teams, fill the buckets with water and then the first team members put on the goggles and flippers and run with the bucket to the end of the course and back. They must then swap goggles, flippers and bucket with the next team member and so forth.

This can get messy, but is lots of fun. The team with the most water left in the bucket wins!

Under The Sea Party Favors

Party’s over kids! Time to usher the little ones out the door and bring your home back to normal!

There’s no need for the euphoria of the party to end though.. with some awesome party favors for the kids to leave with your under the sea party legend will be remembered!

Hammerhead Shark Favor Bags

These awesome hammerhead shark party bags from Pear Tree are the perfect way to gather all your under the sea party favors for the guests to take away.

They can also form part of the party decor seeing as they look so cool!

Glitter Ocean Slime Jars

Slime is a great gift for any kids and putting it in little jars like this is a wonderful way to enhance your favor offerings.

The blue glitter slime effect is perfect for the under the sea theme and you can add in little toy sea creatures to make it that bit more magical.

The parents may not thank you for the mess it could create, but it’s the little ones that really matter right!?

Treasure Chest Treat Boxes

It’s a really good idea to send your guests away with a little edible treat and these amazing treasure chest treat boxes from Jordan’s Easy Entertaining are perfect for holding all sorts of treats.

Any left over popcorn from your party food can be transferred to these boxes and added to your favors.

Alternatively they could be used for slices of cake if you’ve gone for a cake option.

Edible Sea Glass Candy

If you want another edible favor idea, these stunning edible sea glass shards from Happiness is Homemade are perfect!

Kids love the unusual and these treats will have them giddy with excitement.

Take it to another level by including a little story of how this particular sea glass came to be… the remains of a pirate ship’s stained glass windows!?

That’s it! You’ve got all the ingredients for the perfect under the sea themed kids party.

It’s easy when you break it down into the basic elements you require, just don’t get carried away with the detail (which most kids wouldn’t even notice!)

We hope there’s enough inspiration here for your upcoming under the sea birthday party!

Happy Partying!