22 Magical Unicorn Party Ideas

Love them or loathe them, the unicorn obsession is here to stay so why not just give in to it and enjoy the ride!

If your little one is demanding a unicorn party for their birthday and you don’t know where to start then we’re here to help.

We’ve gathered all the very best unicorn party ideas in one place to provide you with plenty of inspiration.

Party Plan Basics

It can be daunting knowing where to begin with a kids party, but really there are only a few key things you need to consider:

  • Themed Invitations
  • Delicious and Themed Food (including Cake!)
  • Themed Decorations
  • Entertainment and Themed Games
  • Themed Party Favors

OK, so there’s a lot of the word ‘theme’ in there but we wanted to get a point across.

You can never go over the top with the theme at a kids birthday party!

Keep that thought front and centre because we’re about to get seriously unicorn on you right now!

Unicorn Party Invitations

This is where you set the unicorn party scene. Your invitations are the first taste your guests will get of the awesome party to come.

Make it a good one!

3D Unicorn Party Invitations

This is the modern classic unicorn design with flowers in it’s hair and long eyelashes, but these awesome 3D unicorn party invitations from Monica Gale take it to another level.

Your guest will be blown away by the effort you’ve put into these invitations and will start to wonder how good the actual party will be!

That’s the power of a great party invitation.

Unicorn Mane Party Invitation

Take it a step further by adding an actual unicorn mane with this awesome unicorn mane party invitation from A Mom’s Impression.

This is the kind of invitation that gets put proudly up on the fridge door or noticeboard rather than chucked in a drawer and forgotten about!

Glamorous Unicorn Party Invitation

Ok, this is for a unicorn themed baby shower but use your imagination! A bit of glitter goes a long way and this glamorous unicorn party invitation from Chic Invitations will really stand out to your guests.

It may well take a while to DIY these awesome invitations, although eminently possible, so you could buy these in.

Unicorn Party Food

The food that you provide at your unicorn party will both satisfy your guests taste buds and provide further decoration to your scheme.

Make sure you have a variety of crowd-pleasers and healthy food (if only to make people think you’re trying!)

Unicorn Party Lemonade

Drinks are a tricky one, we recommend having some bottles of water wrapped in a unicorn themed label. However these amazing looking unicorn party lemonades from Midget Momma are too good to pass up!

You’ve got all the colors of the rainbow, near enough, in there which is just perfect!

Unicorn Party Rainbow Popcorn

Rainbow colors are the way to go it seems! This rainbow colored popcorn by The Decorated Cookie fits the bill perfectly and is both delicious and relatively healthy. What an amazing combination!

Popcorn tends to make it onto most of our party plan ideas due to just these reasons!

You can also decant any leftovers into boxes for party favors!

Unicorn Rainbow Sandwiches

I never thought i’d ever be writing the words ‘unicorn rainbow sandwiches’ but there we go, I’ve done it twice already and there may be another to go.

Yes, these stunning unicorn rainbow sandwiches (told ya!) from Now That’s Peachy are going to be a big party crowd pleaser.

And, yes, we had to have a good look at the ingredients to find out how they did it too!

Unicorn Party Cupcake Cones

This post is really throwing up a few firsts for me. These super cute unicorn cupcake cones from My Heavenly Recipes are another fabulous concoction that will amaze your guests.

Firstly I had no idea you could make cupcakes in an ice cream cone (shame), secondly I’m blown away by how much cuteness has been packed into this creation!

I’m just going to make these for myself tonight, never mind that party!

Unicorn Marshmallow Pops

I know we’ve already had some cakes, but these aren’t cake pops, they’re unicorn marshmallow pops from Harry and Lexy which is just a sweet snack really.

But, oh so much more cuteness from these little delights too!

I bet they taste utterly delicious as well.

Unicorn Party Pizza

So how do you crowbar a pizza into a unicorn themed party? Like this!!

This amazing unicorn pizza by DagWoods restaurant in Santa Monica sets the bar on what is possible when it comes to unicorn based food decoration!

Admittedly it just looks like they sprinkled edible glitter on a cheese pizza, but hey, they did it first!

Unicorn Party Decorations

Your food can form part of your decorations, but that’s going to be eaten at some point. You need a solid unicorn scheme going on already.

We recommend large backdrops and balloon decorations as much as possible to keep costs (and effort down). But let’s not hold back here, it’s not every day you get to decorate your home like a unicorn palace!

Unicorn Paper Lanterns

These unicorn paper lanterns from Soiree By Sarah are a pretty simple starter decoration that you can dot around to add a bit of unicorn ambiance.

You should be able to DIY these pretty easily and you can add in some fairy lights or flameless tea lights to make them stand out even more.

Unicorn Party Ribbon Backdrop

As we mentioned, it’s always a good idea to get a large backdrop and some balloons involved and this gorgeous set up by Honey and Betts uses both tricks to create a rainbow effect backdrop.

The ribbons help give it a bit more texture than just a simple flat backdrop and the balloons look like clouds hanging over the rainbow.

Unicorn Party Garland

This may well be shop bought, but this unicorn garland from Party Delights is fantastic and can be easily made at home with a few craft supplies.

If you do it yourself you could make it go a lot further for the same amount of money.

Garlands go third on our list of must have decorations!

Unicorn Balloon Staircase Garland

What the hell, let’s combine 2 and 3 on our list and make a balloon garland! This stunning balloon staircase garland from Kara’s Party Ideas is perfect!

We also have an honorable mention for the paper flower unicorn backdrop at this party which can be easily DIY’d.

Top marks for a lot of the things going on at this party actually!

Unicorn Party Cups

We love these little unicorn party cups from Consumer Crafts. They are just the right amount of awesome and simplicity combined.

A great little craft to do with your birthday girl or boy beforehand too!

Unicorn Party Games

They have been wowed by the invitations, devoured the amazing unicorn food and admired the decorations. Now they need to be entertained!

You need to have a few ideas to hand in case one of the games tanks.

Luckily we’ve got you covered with these awesome unicorn party games!

Unicorn Party Pinata

There’s almost always a pinata on our party plan ideas because you can so easily transform a shop bought pinata to match the theme, just like this awesome unicorn pinata by Oh Happy Day.

It’s quite amazing the transformation they have achieved and it will certainly please unicorn lovers!

Just make sure the guests don’t get out of control with a stick they’ve been told they can hit things with!

Paper Plate Unicorn Craft

A bit of crafting will always go down well with the younger ones and keep them occupied for a while.

This gorgeous paper plate unicorn craft from Kids Craft Room is perfect for the job!

At the end of the party they’ve got something to take home with them too.

Unicorn Party Ring Toss Game

Give them an element of competition to keep them really interested!

This unicorn ring toss game from Party Delights is ideal and another really easy project that you can do with the kids pre-party.

It’s a fun game that can be played by all ages (kids v adults anyone??)

Unicorn Party Photo Booth Frame

Photo booths are a great idea for a kids party, especially the slightly older ones that may well be posting on social media straight afterwards.

But you don’t need an actual photo booth, you can just use a backdrop, or a large themed frame like this unicorn photo booth frame from Amelias Papery on Etsy.

Just add in some shop bought or DIY props to complete the look and have all your guests queuing up for their turn on the photo booth.

Unicorn Party Favors

Time to go home kiddos. But don’t let them go empty handed (shock horror!) Make sure you’ve got your favors sorted.

While you’re at it, make them memorable too. Don’t just go to the dollar store and sweep whatever vaguely suitable trinket you find into your cart.

Follow the three part rule: (at least) 1 gorgeous favor bag, 1 toy, 1 thing to eat. Then you decide anything else you want to add to that!

We’ve got some fantastic unicorn party favor ideas right here!

Unicorn Favor Bags

You don’t have to get complicated with favor bags. Usually a simple white or colored paper bag with suitable decorations will do the job.

This unicorn favor bag by Thrifty and Chic does the job so well.

It’s just going to get thrown in the recycling anyway!

Unicorn Slime Jars

Slime is big with kids right now, so ride the wave and give them what they want with this awesome unicorn slime from The Best Ideas for Kids.

The slime isn’t very unicorny in itself, but the jar is the star with the unicorn decorations.

Whatever, they’ll love it!

Unicorn Horn Pretzel Sticks

We could have added these amazing unicorn horn pretzel sticks by A Bajillian Recipes in the party food section but they are perfect for a favor bag.

I think these will go down a treat and your little guests will have to guard them for their lives from the big guests!

Unicorn Marshmallow Favors

Another food treat, but we couldn’t leave it out because of it’s simplicity and beauty!

These rainbow colored sprinkle marshmallow sticks from 100 Layer Cakelet are just too cute.

You don’t have to go crazy filling a favor bag if you’ve done it well.

Well that was a unicorn odyssey indeed! I’ve learnt a lot, I hope you have too.

Most of all I hope you are well and truly prepared for the daunting task of planning a unicorn party now (perhaps with less of the daunting about it!?)

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Have a great unicorn party!